Architetto Cristian Gori

Bar Nene' Project

Project commissioned by a private individual

Year 2023

The architectural Bar Nene' project comes from 2020, coinciding with the reflections on the development of the new beach planning in the northern part of Bellaria Igea Marina.
The building completed in 2023 is meant to express the characteristics of an "assertive" architecture, through a clear, proportional and exact layout. It is a construction product which, despite being geometrically linear, is meant to avoid the characteristics of the "minimalist" design, to assert its own architectural peculiarity. The aspects are expressed both through the individual element equilibrium and through the particular space geometry which create the prospective. It is an architectural product that presents itself in an extensive but not iconic language, which would like to reflect on the sense of responsibility and sobriety of beign integrated into the urban context.
The building, crowned by a shading frame on three sides, is placed on a raised platform both over the beach and the road. The squares created by the shading frame appear as "windows" that emphasize the relationship between the internal space of the structure and the panoramic views of the marine waterfront.

Photo © Carlo Pelliccioni